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A innovative new system for building concrete columns easier, faster and more environmental friendly.

MINDOR AS established by Mindor Sunde in 2005.

The company was established to be responsible for the developing of Mindor Formwork. 


Mindor AS har ansvar for å sikre patenter, inngå lisensavtaler, etablere kontakter for produksjon og distribusjon av forskalingen.

Mindor Sunde have many years of experience from concrete production and construction work from early 1970 until this day. He has always had great interest in developing better solutions and efficiency on the construction site.

Manufacturer in Norway for Mindor Formwork is Nomek AS
Nomek AS was founded in 1998 and is a mechanical workshop in Stryn Norway.


Nomek AS manufactures trailers for septic trucks, structural parts for busses and parts many other sorts of industry.

Mindor AS has received economical support for developing the system from:
Sunnfjord Næringsutvikling SNU 
Innovasjon Norge

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