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A innovative new system for building concrete columns easier, faster and more environmental friendly.

Formwork is fast and very easy to assemble and disassemble. 


Because the forms are manufactured in sheet metal, they are mounted overlapping each other. This gives very flexible length adjusting possible. The formwork is very fast to assemble and is just as fast to disassemble after the concrete is cured.


There are several ways to assemble the formwork.


The formwork can be laid out on the ground between two pieces of wood and you adjust the length as needed. It is recommended to use clamps type "Wise Grip" to secure the forms together and make the joints and forms aligned as accurate as possible as this is crucial for the surface finish on the columns. Then you use a hammer to apply sufficient amount of locks to hold the formwork together, this to reduce the weight of the formwork for handling and installing it. After the formwork is installed, the rest of the locks are mounted at a 200mm C/C interval. First lock is mounted 100mm above bottom.


It is also easy to mount the formwork directly around the steel armoring.


One person can even mount the formwork if he uses "wise grip" as help during assembly. The formwork can be mounted as freestanding columns, or from foundation to underside of top deck formwork.

"Wise grip" locked on flange.

Flange Locks

Flange lock with handle.

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