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A innovative new system for building concrete columns easier, faster and more environmental friendly.

Genius and revolutionary simple solution.

It does not exist any other formwork system on the market that has similar solution.

Solution is patented.

The Formwork has an overlapping telescopic solution, making it possible to adjust the height exactly to fit your needs. One form is mounted outside of the other.

The formwork walls is under 1mm thick. This makes surface joints well inside the expected surface finish demands on concrete structures.

The joints are locked together with supplied locks that is manufactured to use with this system. When the locks are mounted correctly and the formwork is placed, the formwork is ready to be filled.

Many dimensions, same design.


The formwork is available in many different dimensions. Diameter from 150mm to 1200mm, in 50mm increments and lengths from 600mm to 1200mm.

Overlap and telescopic.

Standard lock mounted on joint.

Lock with handle are mounted on 2-4 different places. This is to assure good grip when handling the formwork.

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